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The Powder Room Cosmetics is an elating yet imperative dedication to women that desire to flaunt vibrant hues in an alluring matter without being silenced by their meekness. The mission is to bridge the gap between sexy and modest by creating a timeless yet alluring beauty that’s captivating.


The Powder Room, where beauty is timeless, will teach women to be confident, alluring, focused, worthy, intelligent and to carry themselves with Poise. 



We are determined to help women all over the world walk in their purpose. 



We believe anything is possible. 



We believe applied knowledge is power, the more you know the further you’ll go. 



We will always overcome any obstacle thrown our way. 



The Powder Room will evolve into a platform for women to display their excellence and beauty all around the world while looking effortlessly fierce in great quality makeup for an affordable price. 

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